A brief description of the SRA logo

The logo of the Slovenian Research Agency is a graphic image of the manuscript of the Logarithm Tables by Slovenian mathematician, physicist and artillery officer Jurij Vega.

Jurij Vega  
Jurij Vega (1754-1802)  

The mathematical precision and systematic order of the Logarithm Tables place Jurij Vega among the leading founders of Descartes' modern scientific method. The Logarithm Tables represent one of Slovenia’s greatest scientific achievements and have been used for over two centuries by students, engineers and scientists all over the world.

Collection of Vega’s Logarithm Tables A page from Vega's Logarithm Tables
Collection of Vega’s Logarithm Tables A page from Vega's Logarithm Tables
A treasury of all logarithms

The symbolic value of Vega's Logarithm Tables is its significance at many levels for both science in Slovenia and the Agency itself. They represent an outstanding scientific accomplishment in the history of Slovenians, which is something we are proud of and we regard it as an impetus for the future.

The graphic image of the Logarithm Tables in the Agency's logo functions as a network symbolising both the integration of communications and the information network in the world web, which can indicate the Agency's role in carrying out research policy. The logo's spherical form gives a global impression, indicating Slovenia's integration in global terms. The mathematical signs in the logo imply the universal nature of research activity and its scientific and technological dimensions, which pay no heed to historical or geographical borders, nor to the borders between basic and applied research.

The digitalised image of the Agency’s logo, which involves the Logarithm Tables, helps locate us in the middle of state-of-the-art scientific and technological trends around the world.