Promotion of Science

Promotion of Science

In recent years, the Slovenian Research Agency (ARRS) has been strengthening its activities in the promotion of science. We are following the European example in which the increased importance of science promotion is linked to the contribution of science in the development of a knowledge-based society. The relationship and reciprocity between scientific research and the challenges of modern society must be built and strengthened. The Agency is realizing the latter through three sets of activities:


Excellent in Science
  Every year, ARRS organizes events in which the scientific achievements of the past year are presented for selection by the Scientific Research Councils.

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Science Communication Days
  In order to support good quality scientific reporting in the media, the ARRS is holding Science Communication Days for the first time in 2017, in cooperation with the U.S. Embassy in Slovenia. A three-day set of events dedicated to raising awareness and acquiring skills in the field of science communication will take place on 27-29 November 2017.

Science Communication Days are based on the Communication of Science (KomZn) project, as part of which we have organized meetings since 2014, with eminent journalists and experts in the field of science communication. We began the workshops in 2014, when we hosted Dr Ian Sample, Science Editor at the Guardian. In 2015, we invited Vivienne Parry, a science publicist, lecturer and editor of natural science programs on BBC Radio 4, and in 2016, we hosted a New York Times columnist, George Johnson.
Supporting the development and establishment of innovative communication activities for the promotion of Slovenian science
  We have co-financed innovative communication activities since 2014, in the Public Call for the Promotion of Slovenian Science Abroad framework.

Since 2014, the ARRS has co-financed the following activities: STA Krog (STA Circle), Slovenska tiskovna agencija (Slovenian Press Agency), Meta Znanost – Kje so naše ladje? (Meta Science – Where are our ships?), Znanost na cesti (Science on the road) – Santena, the Tromba portal, Črna škatla (Black Box) – an online magazine for cognitive science and the Kvarkadabra portal (Quarkadabra) – a journal for the interpretation of science.

In 2016 we introduced an additional activity to be supported. Establishment, development and maintenance of Global networks, which connect Slovenian scientists abroad with their counterparts in Slovenia are offered support.