Young researchers

Aim and Objectives

The aim of postgraduate research funding is to enable young researchers to participate in research work during their postgraduate studies on the basis of fixed-term employment contracts. The Agency finances their salaries, social contributions, as well as material and non-material costs. The average annual cost for financing one young researcher is approx. 30.000 EUR. Funds for the training of young researchers are allocated for a fixed-term, up to a maximum of 4 years for a PhD programme.

The objective of this mechanism is to rejuvenate research groups and enable the inflow of fresh ideas and approaches. It is a source of highly qualified and motivated personnel with a great potential for Slovenian economy and other socially relevant areas.

The programme runs with great success since 1985. To date more than 5,000 young researchers have successfully completed the programme.


Publication on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the research training. (In Slovene)

Target Audience

Research organisations implementing Research programmes.


Postgraduate students who wish to enrol into the training programme can apply for a call issued by Slovenian research organisations. The candidate for postgraduate student has to show an average grade for all examinations and coursework at bachelor's and master’s degree (together with the assessment of diploma and master thesis) of at least 8,00 (out of 10). The age of the candidate should not exceed 28 years, unless the student has already concluded one or two years of postgraduate study without financial support. The raise of the age limit also applies in case of parental care leave.

Calls, results and additional details

Facts & Figures

Year Share of Agency’s
total funds
Number of new
Young researchers
2011 18,0% 238
2012 19,2% 192
2013 16,7% 151
2014 14,6% 168
2015 13,4% 166
2016 12,0% 171