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JPI Urban Europe Policy Conference in Brussels and Launch of the Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda – SRIA 2.0

On 12 February 2019, the European Committee of the Regions, Brussels, hosted a policy conference of the Joint Programming Initiative Urban Europe. Its main event was the launch of the updated Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda – SRIA 2.0.

The SRIA 2.0 identifies thematic priorities that will guide the activities and research in the JPI Urban Europe until 2026. Moreover, it identifies strategic priorities centred around the so-called dilemmas in four areas of urban transition and sustainable urban development: i) digital transition, ii) urban robustness, iii) urban infrastructures, and iv) inclusive public spaces. The agenda takes an innovative approach to strengthening research and innovation that will focus on finding solutions for the actual challenges faced by cities.

The SRIA 2.0 is the result of a comprehensive process with broad involvement of urban actors, researchers and policymakers, including those from Slovenia. The Slovenian national contribution was developed in co-operation among the Slovenian Research Agency, coordinators of the projects (co-)funded by the Slovenian Research Agency under JPI Urban Europe calls, Ministry of the Environment and Spatial Planning of the Republic of Slovenia, and Dr Richard Sendi, member of the JPI Urban Europe Scientific Advisory Board (SAB)

Finally, the policy conference in Brussels represented an opportunity for the exchange of best practice, networking and discussions between urban practitioners, policymakers, researchers, European institutions, and funding agencies. The Slovenian Research Agency actively contributed to the organisation of the conference, carrying out its tasks within the EXPAND project.