Bilateral cooperation


The Slovenian Research Agency (co)finances bilateral cooperation with the aim of strengthening scientific research cooperation with partner countries, establishing new, sustainable international partnerships and increasing the share of younger researchers in international research project consortia.

The Ministry responsible for science concludes Memorandums of Understanding on Scientific Cooperation, makes decisions with which countries bilateral cooperation will be active in each year, and agrees with partner countries on call conditions. The representative of the Ministry also leads the Slovenian delegation of the Joint Committee for Scientific and Technological Cooperation. The Agency is in the role of implementing agency.

As a rule, the partner countries publish the call at the same time, which enables joint applications to be submitted by the deadline specified in the call. The application for an individual bilateral cooperation activity must be submitted in both countries. In Slovenia, applicants apply on a form published by the agency. Application in a partner country, must be submitted to an authorized institution in partner country and in accordance with the rules of the partner country. More detailed conditions and information are available in each individual call. Calls for applications for bilateral cooperation activities with selected partner countries are usually published every two years for each partner country.

The Agency co-finances bilateral cooperation on the basis of international agreements, signed protocols between the two partner countries and in accordance with the Agency's legal acts. Applications that were submitted in both countries and met the conditions specified in the call are considered by the Joint Committee at a meeting. On the basis of authorizations and a joint decision, the Joint Committee selects bilateral cooperation activities for (co)financing and determines the amount of (co)financing for each selected bilateral cooperation activity. After the selection process has been completed, the agency (co)finances the eligible costs of the selected bilateral cooperation activities. In exceptional cases, cost for young researchers from partner countries are also eligible costs. As a rule, bilateral cooperation activities last for two years.